Will Cannabis Delivery Soon Be Available in Other States?

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As long a cannabis delivery is available here in Sacramento, then the locals who call us to bring it out to them are happy! 

But, as a State, California continues to have its own issues with cannabis as a whole, notably the low-end wholesale price of marijuana as well as the fact that the black market for weed in The Golden State is making it hard for legal cannabis businesses to get better.

Will California Laws Change to Include Making Interstate Commerce from Cannabis?

As lawmakers in California continue to try and push their cannabis agenda forward, one of the things on the table right now, according to Bloomberg, is the possibility of interstate commerce from California cannabis in 2023. 

But, while many are happy about it, others still feel that the United States federal government will not react positively in weed-lovers’ favor!

One of the things in the February 2023 report that was brought up was the fact that Washington may penalize or pressure California for interstate cannabis by holding back the funding needed for State programs that support the industry. Still, there’s really just no way to tell how the government will actually react until cannabis is truly being transported across state lines. 

But, it is being assumed by those who are currently working in the industry (as well as those business owners who currently have retail establishments up and running as we do here at the top place for cannabis delivery in Sacramento, Cyber Canna) that with all the gray area right now when it comes to cannabis and the federal government that Washington will make it difficult for the state-to-state business-related transport and sale of marijuana.

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