Which Do You Like Better, Edibles or Smokable Marijuana? 

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We of course receive orders for both edibles and smokable marijuana on the many deliveries we take out to our customers within the 50-mile radius that our drivers generally stick to. By the way, if you are wondering if we deliver to your vicinity, here’s a list of the places we go out to. 

Still, people always ask us which is better, edibles or smokable pot. And, we always say that it is just up to the person and how they choose to enjoy their cannabis.  

Is Edible Cannabis Better Than Smokable Weed?

I think most of our customers feel instinctively that, whether you are vaping or smoking, edible cannabis is better for your body. And, you guys who thought that (before reading this article) are correct, and recent data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention proves it!

An NBC News report from early 2020 featured information from the CDC’s Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System that observed over a period of time the ways that folks who like marijuana choose to ingest it. What they found is that, overall, most people simply enjoy smoking it more, about 80% percent of cannabis users to be exact.

Still one of the doctors from the article, Dr. Sergio Fazio (who is a cardiovascular medicine professor) said that edibles were in fact the safest route, and we have plenty of them at Cyber Canna to choose from in addition to our many smokable products that are available for cannabis delivery in Sacramento and surrounding areas.

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