Sativa Versus Indica Cannabis

sativa versus indica

Before you use cannabis, it is important to learn about the species that you are using. There are two main species: sativa and indica. A dispensary will properly label the cannabis species you purchase.

Sativa is used more during the day. This is because it invokes a “head high”. Most people use sativa to feel invigorated and energized.

Indica is used more commonly in the evening. The indica species are a “full body high”, promoting physical and mental relaxation. You may also experience an increase in dopamine.

Indica’s are the strain used when someone is fighting a chronic illness. If the person has lost weight from the disease, indica can help increase appetite and decrease nausea. Indica also decreases acute pain.

Overview of Sativa Versus Indica Cannabis

Sativa Cannabis

• For day-time use
• Invokes a “head-high”
• Anti-anxiety
• Anti-depressant
• Increased focus
• Increased creativity

Indica Cannabis

• For night-time use
• Invokes a “full body high”
• Promotes physical and mental relaxation
• Decreases acute pain
• Increases appetite
• Decreases nausea

Make sure you are educated on the cannabis species before consumption. Cyber Canna Marijuana Delivery is here to help in Sacramento, California! Our experienced team can answer your questions on the differences on sativa versus indica cannabis. Order from our website or call us today!

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