New 2023 Weed Laws Benefit Marijuana Delivery in Sacramento!

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I’m sure you’ve heard the rumors about them, and as your top marijuana delivery service in Sacramento we want to let you know that, yes, there are some new laws that will benefit the marijuana industry as a whole, not only here in The Golden State, but across the U.S. as well!

How Do The New 2023 Laws Affect the Marijuana Delivery Business in Sacramento? 

If you read The Sacramento Bee earlier this month, you saw that there is new legislation that will affect not only the citizens of California who enjoy weed recreationally, but also those who are already (or who are currently thinking about) starting their own marijuana business. 

One of the most important ones (which we shared with you on a blog article back in Sept 2022), actually won’t kick in until this time next year, and it involves employers not penalizing employees for using marijuana off the clock. This is, of course, to our benefit (being that we provide marijuana delivery in Sacramento), because employees who were probably hesitant to enjoy weed before can now do so without feeling like they’ll get fired for it.

Business owners who deal in marijuana are also paying a lot of attention to the fact that there have been changes in the tax category as well. For example, one of the leading cannabis publications in the country, Leafly, recently reported how California is altering how they round up excise taxes, which according to Investopedia are taxes on certain goods (including petro, alcohol, tobacco, and now marijuana) at initial purchase from the distributor. 

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