Employment Weed Drug Tests Eliminated for Most California Jobs In 2024!

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Well, it won’t be too long from now that you won’t have to feel guilty about getting dispensary delivery in Sacramento, because in 2024 there will be no more employment drug tests in the state of California for marijuana…at least for most jobs!

Many residents feel a bill like this one being passed is long overdue, so let’s take a look at what happened recently that finally got this requirement at so many workplaces across The Golden State changed.

The Recent Ban on Most Employment Drug Tests 

The Sacramento Bee reported something a few weeks ago that will no doubt have many more job applicants in line for work. It’s all because of Assembly Bill 2188, which was approved a few days before the report on the 18th of September.

After New Year’s Day 2024, employers in California won’t be able to test your hair, urine, or your blood for weed. So, you can feel free to use cannabis outside of the workplace as much as you want! 

But, there is one catch…there are still a few jobs that will be able to test for it after the day the bill goes into affect.

For example, if you are planning to apply for or are currently working at, say, a federal job that requires you to get a security clearance (or have a federal background investigation done before getting hired), the bill says that those employees can still be tested by their employer. 

So, those workers, as well as men and women who work in any building or construction trade, won’t be able to enjoy our marijuana delivery service completely freely just yet, but hopefully that changes soon!

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